Sandi Polinsky


Sandi Polinsky is the proud broker and owner of Goldilocks Real Estate. Www.Goldilocksrealestate.Com

Why proud?

On July 4th of 2016 Sandi decided to open her own boutique real estate firm. She started as a sole practitioner, but currently has 10 licensed agents, with more looking to join. Goldilocks is becoming a brand synonymous with client quality, her business is exploding, and her clients could not be happier.

People assume that her curly hair is where Goldilocks Real Estate got its name. Truthfully, it’s a collaboration of reasons. If you recall the fairy tale, Goldilocks was in search of finding not what is right for everyone but what is “Just Right” for her specific needs. This mission statement is the foundation for her boutique real estate firm. The Goldilocks Principle can be applied to all aspects of her firm. Each buyers’ needs are unique. Each sellers needs/requirements are unique. We realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to the sale or purchase of real estate. Sandi also never wanted to have her agency named after her. We are in this business to help YOU. There is no “I” in Real Estate.

Sandi takes pride in listening to buyers and seller’s needs. Buyers aren’t just looking for a house. They are looking for a lifestyle, commute, school district that is specific to their needs. A house can always be altered to their specifications, but it is the neighborhood and community that make a house a home. Sellers seek a buyer who will cherish their home as they themselves have, and if they are purchasing another home, their concerns are about the buyer’s ability to be financially sound. Every deal has a story ... Whether it’s a young couple purchasing their first home, a divorce, an estate or an upgrade, every transaction has its own situation that is unique. Sandi takes a consultative yet human approach to listening. “Often, I find myself giving suggestions that talk me out of making money, but that’s ok. It’s never about me. I advise my clients all day long about solutions that are best for them. I know in the end if you treat people with kindness business will always be there. “

Sandi brings decades of experience to every transaction and while often real estate deals have “blips” it is her years of experience that gets the transaction to the closing table

Similarly, Sandi is not looking to just “fill seats” in her office. She is extremely selective in hiring agents who share her values regarding customer service. Many firms love to say, “we have 100 agents”. Sandi is not looking to collect agents where the 80/20 rule applies. 80% of the business is done by 20% of the agents. She only invites agents willing to give 100% of themselves 100% of the time. She seeks the “Just Right” agents for her team who share her GOLD standard of customer service.

Sandi continues her ongoing synergistic relationship with Maltz Auctions. www.MaltzAuctions.Com This relationship is just another service that is unique to her business. She can ascertain quickly which is the best marketing strategy for any real estate transaction. Whether it is a single family, multi family, commercial retail or land, she has a magnitude of experience in analyzing whether a property will yield higher results via traditional marketing or via auctioning it. Additionally, she can assist sellers in selling off a vehicle or personal property (i.e. jewelry, coins, stamps art, collectibles.) Offering comprehensive full service is paramount to me in servicing my clientele. I have an exorbitant amount of connections

which make a transaction seamless. Whether clients need a mover, a painter, a locksmith or just a restaurant suggestion-I tend to be their “go to” resource.

In summary, this is why she is proud. She is proud of her growing team and she is proud to have clients who refer her to their friends and family. She loves nothing more than to help people start their next new chapter.

Goldilocks Real Estate.... the “Just Right Golden standard and Key to your future”