Buying a Home, Condo or Co-op

Buying a home is very exciting,but can be daunting as well. Schedule a consultation with a “Just Right” agent to uncover what is most important to you. Weigh your needs vs. your wants. Prioritize your choices by considering price point,taxes, commute, school district, size of home and property size. Then be open minded! You might be surprised to learn how often a buyer purchases a home which did not initially meet their “wish list” criteria.

A “Just Right” agent is trained to listen carefully to what you say, as well as what you don’t say. They value your time and will show you homes that meet your needs as well as homes which may pleasantly surprise and delight you. Put your trust in them. You will be glad you did!

Let us help you find the “Just Right” home!

Whether it is your first time purchasing a home, or not, this chapter in your life is filled with excitement, anticipation and sometimes fears. Let one of our compassionate and professional agents guide you through the process to make the experience “Just Right” for you.

Buying a Home is just part of the process

It’s really about the lifestyle you want – schools, neighbors, shopping, restaurants, etc. We work hard to find out what you’re really looking for so we can find the just right solution.

Our job – connecting great people to amazing homes.

Here are some things to think about before you move forward:

  • What is your motivation for buying a house?
  • What monthly mortgage payment amount are you comfortable with?
  • What are your needs vs. your desires in a home?
  • Do you have an understanding of the costs that come along with purchasing a home?
  • Are you aware that membership in a homeowners association may be required in certain neighborhoods and that there are fees that come along with mandatory membership?
  • Are you planning to live in this home long-term, or are you looking at it as an investment?
  • Are you also working with a CPA or another financial professional?